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Today's Christmas Countdown Specials

Staff Pick of the Week

Week 5 - Megan's Pick - Watercon Collapsible Rainwater Tank

Who better to ask about what's great on our website than the wonderful Sustainable Team? Each week one of our staff members will choose their favourite product and because we love them and you, we will be adding something special to their top choice. Pop by once a week to see what's in store.

This week, our wonderful, bubbly, Customer Services Manager, Megan, has chosen the Collapsible Rain Water Storage Tank. With the drought in South Africa at the moment, everybody should make more of an effort to save water in whatever way possible. The Rain Water Tank is cost effective, portable, and easy to install, making it a great option this Summer.

Megan has been part of the Team for almost 2 years now. If you have phoned us before then you have more than likely spoken to the wonderfully friendly and kind-hearted Megan, who is always willing to help.

Christmas Lights

What is Christmas without the festivity of twinkling decorative lights? Emitting a warm glow from windows, backyards and Christmas trees, get into the spirit this year and save money and power at the same time. We have an extensive range of both Solar and LED Christmas Lights to tide you over this season. Whether it be a subtle toned down look or a house covered in a shroud of ambient lights, you'll be sure to be the envy of your neighbours and friends!

Gift Vouchers

Need to get a gift for someone who has everything? Have no idea what to get someone for Christmas? Or even if you are just not adept at gift shopping, we have the perfect solution. A range of gift vouchers are now available for purchase. Not only can the recipient choose what they want but our product range is affordable, up-to-date and best of all, eco-friendly. A gift that certainly gives a little more.

Christmas Hunt

This year we are proud to introduce our Christmas Hunt! The rules are simple. Each week leading up to Christmas, the image above will appear in the product description of one of our products. If you find it, send us a screen shot immediately and you will get the product absolutely free! Yup, even delivery is free to main centres. What are you waiting for?

If I could, I would buy you the Earth...

Well now you can. Christmas is a time for giving and the best investment you can make for your family is to "buy the earth" back. At, we believe that green living should be easy and add to your lifestyle rather than detract. Our little elves spend all their time ensuring that we not only have an expansive range of high quality, cost effective products available, but that there is something for everyone. Read more