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Steca StecaGrid 2300 Coolcept-x Inverter

What is Coolcept?

Coolcept is Steca‘s new inverter topology that provides ­ the highest peak efficiency. It is basically­ characterised by circuit simplicity combined with highest efficiency. The patented coolcept topology is a global innovation that is only available from Steca.

Highest efficiency at all input voltages
Suitable for use in outdoor areas (IP 65)
Lightweight at only 12 kg
Free Steca web portal via Ethernet interface
7-year warranty after registration

The StecaGrid 1800x, 2300x, 3010x, 3600x and 4200x make up Steca's Single Phase Outdoor Inverter range

For more detailed Technical Specifications download here

SKU: SI-S-2300Cx
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Product Description


Highest efficiency with longer service life

The high efficiency results in a peak efficiency of 98.6 % and a Euro-pean efficiency of up to 98.3 %, which results in less lost power that must be dissipated into the environment. This improves your yields.

In addition to this, a new and unique cooling concept inside the inverter ensures an even distribution of the dissipated heat and a long service life for the device.

Product design and visualisation

The StecaGrid has a graphical LCD display for visualising the energy yield values, current performance and operating parameters of the system. Its innovative menu allows individual selection of the various measurements.

The guided, pre-programmed menu allows easy final commissioning of the device.


The lightweights with only 11.5 kg / 12 kg can be easily and safely mounted on a wall. The supplied wall bracket make mounting of the device simple and convenient. The device does not need to be opened for installation. All connections and the DC circuit breaker are externally accessible.

The devices meet all the standards for the IP 65 protection class. Its robust stainless steel housing provides reliable protection against dust and water, including jet water. This enables problem-free installation of the inverters outdoors.

Product features

Highest Efficiency
Simple installation
Integrated data logger
Firmware update possible
Low housing temperature at full load
Solid stainless steel casing
Suitable for outdoor installation
Lowest possible own consumption
Integrated DC circuit breaker
Protective insulation according to protection class II
Very long service life
Droop Mode for integration in hybrid systems(further information: Catalogue Steca PV Off Grid / Single-phase and three-phase AC hybrid systems)
Fixed voltage mode for other energy sources
Service menu for parameter adjustment
7-year warranty after registration
Optimised shadow management using global MPP tracking


Multifunction graphical LCD display with backlighting
Animated representation of yield


Simple menu-driven operation
Multilingual menu navigation


Can be connected to a large-format display

id style="text-align: center;">205V...500V

  StecaGrid 1800x StecaGrid 2300x StecaGrid 3010x StecaGrid 3600x StecaGrid 4210x
DC input side (pv generator)
Maximum input voltage 600V 845V
Minimum input voltage for feeding 125V 350V
MPP voltage for rated output 160V...500V 270V...500V 350V...700V 360V...700V
Maximum input current 11.5A 12A
Maximum input power at maximum active output power 1840W 2350W 3070W 3690W 4310W
Maximum recommeneded PV power 2200 Wp 2900 Wp 3800 Wp 4500 Wp 5200 Wp
AC Output side (grid connection)
Grid voltage 185V...276V (depending on regional settings)
Rated grid voltage 230V
Maximum output current 12A 14A 16A 18.5A
Maximum active power (cos phi = 1) 1800W 2300W 3000W 3600W 4200W
Maximum active power (cos phi = 0.95) 1800W 2300W 3000W 3530W 3990W
Maximum apparent power (cos phi = 0.95) 1900VA 2420VA 3160VA 3680VA 4200VA
Rated power 1800W 2300W 3000W 3600W 4200W
Rated frequency 50Hz and 60Hz
Frequency 45Hz...65Hz (depending on regional settings)
Night-time power loss <1.2W <0.7W
Feeding phases single phase
Distortion factor (cos phi=1) < 2%
Power factor cos phi 0.95 capacitive...0.95 inductive
Characterisation of the operating performance
Maximum efficiency 98% 98.6%
European efficiency 97.4% 97.6% 97.7% 98.3% 98.2%
Californian efficiency 97.5% 97.7% 97.8% 98.3% 98.2%
MPP efficiency > 99.7%(static), >99%(dynamic)
Own consumption > 4W
Power rating at full power  from 50 °C (Tamb)  from 45 °C (Tamb)  from 50 °C (Tamb)  from 45 °C (Tamb)
Isolation principle no galvanic isolation, transformerless
Grid monitoring yes, integrated
Residual current monitoring yes, integrated
Operating conditions
Area of application indoor rooms with or without air conditioning, outdoors with or without protection
Ambient temperature -15 °C ... +60 °C
Storage temperature -30 °C ... +80 °C
Relative humidity 0 % ... 100 %, non condensating
Noise emission  23 dBA  25 dBA  29 dBA  29 dBA  31 dBA
Fitting and Construction
Degree of protection IP 65
Overvoltage category III (AC), II (DC)
DC input side connection Phoenix Contact SUNCLIX (1 pair)
AC output side connection Wieland RST25i3 plug, mating connector included
Dimensions (X x Y x Z) 399 x 657 x 227 mm
Weight 12kg 11.5 kg
Communication interface RS485; 2 x RJ45 sockets; connectable to Meteocontrol WEB‘log or Solar-Log™, Ethernet interface
Integrated DC circuit breaker yes, compliant with VDE 0100-712
Cooling principle temperature-controlled fan, variable speed, internal (dustproof)
Test certificate CE mark, VDE AR N 4105, G83, UTE C 15-712-1, AS4777, CEI 0-21

Additional Information

Additional Information

Disclaimer Please note that stock availability is subject to prior sales. Prices exclude delivery. The image serves as an example of what the product looks like and may differ slightly in appearance.
Guarantee/ Warranty No
Inverter Wattage 2300W


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