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MLT Inverters Power Star 18kW 48V Three Phase Pure Sine Wave Inverter

MLT Inverters are designed to be robust and tough both mechani-cally and electrically. The inverters have a 150% overload capacity and wide operating temperature range designed for many harsh environments. These inverters are the perfect fit for low maintenance, off-grid and remote installations.

MLT Drives pioneered the design and development of solar inverters to power remote communities and remote installations. Our products have been in use reliably for over 25 years already. The system architecture guarantees optimal efficiency, maximizes system reliability and results in extended equipment life.

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MLT Inverters

Product Description


This system primarily ensures that quality power to the load is maintained at all times. If renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic (PV) sources are available power is first drawn from these before using AC source or battery power. Discharging of the battery is optional if grid power is available. When no renewable energy is available, the load is powered by the grid supply with the PowerStar inverter used to provide reactive energy so as to maintain the load voltage at its nominal value even if the grid voltage varies within an adjustable tolerance.

The system provides input for two AC sources so an additional to your grid supply a generator can be connected for backup. This generator can be started when the batteries are low : the load is too big or after a predetermined time after the grid has fallen. The AC sources can be used to substitute the total capacity of the PowerStar so that even biggerloads can be powered. This would imply that power from the grid/generator plus the battery power can be combined to give a 200% load supply for the duration until stored battery supply is depleted. This system offers an intelligent method of incorporating multiple alternative energy sources to maximize grid-connected or off-grid homes, offices or even entire developments.


* Full automatic operation with no break to the supply during transitions from inverter to grid or generator parallel operation.
* The backup generator ( if installed ) can automatically be started when the grid fails.
* Renewable energy is fed directly to the load to overcome inefficiencies from the batteries.
* Capable of being integrated with renewable/distributed generation sources on both the AC and DC bus.
* Local LCD ( Liquid Crystal Display ) and keypad can be used to change setting, monitorall supplies ( Voltage, Current, Watts etc ) and view event/fault logs ( time and date stamped ).
* Load sensing capability. System goes to low power standby when no load is connected.
* Smart load control. Certain non-essential loads can be turned off automatically when not enough energy is available.
* Optional built in MPPT regulator for maximizing PV power.
* Manufactured in South Africa.

Technical Specification :

Rated voltage : 380V (±1 %), Single Phase, 4 Wire Output. Nominal Voltage can be adjusted by 10% via system settings
Input voltage range : ±19V, Adjustable
Rated frequency : 50Hz 
Frequency range : 47 ... 53Hz (Adjustable), Inverter to follow grid/generator frequency up to ±3 Hz of the output frequency during parallel operation
Rated continuous output power : 18kW (Inverter Only)
Rated output current per phase : 26A 
Maximum output current : 40A (for 30s), 52A (for 5s), this doubles when supported by the grid
THD I (at rated power) : < 3A 
Surge protection : Yes, Between Phases and to Ground
Short circuit protection : Yes  
Internal Protection System (using electronic detection) :  
• Continuous Overload Protection
• Over Current Protection
• Heat-sink over temperature
• Over/Under Voltage AC Voltage
• Over/Under Frequency
• Over/Under Battery Voltage  
Control Type : Voltage Source, Microprocessor Regulated  
Waveform : Pure sine-wave, low THD
AC Power Control : Phase Controlled Pulse Width Modulation

Battery Input
Battery Voltage (Nominal) : 48V ( 36 on request, some specs may differ )   
Battery Charge Current : 300A (Max), Adjustable  
Short Circuit Protection : Yes , Fused

Efficiency : Up to 94 (Stand Alone), Up to 99 during grid feed through
Tare losses no load : <105A ( 2 A Typical)  
Standby – Load Sensing : 8 (When set, automatically goes to standby when load is too low. Adjustable threshold)

Dimension & Weight

Width : 550 mm

Height : 1200 mm

Depth : 510 mm

Weight : 250 kg

General Technical Specifications  
EMI : Designed to minimise both conducted and radiated EMI emissions
Circuit Breakers : Grid and generator input
Installation :  Suitable for indoor installation only
Mounting method : Floor standing   
Cooling method : • Convection cooled (Heat-sink)
                                • Forced air ventilation(Magnetics)
                                • Air intake at bottom.
                                • Air discharge through the enclosure sides 
Enclosure : IP30 – Not Weatherproof
Colour : RAL 7032 (structured grey)

Climatic Conditions
Ambient temperature : -5 ... 45oC
Ambient temperature for transport : -25 ... 70oC
Maximum ambient for rated power : 40o
Relative humidity : 0 ... 90% 
Maximum altitude above sea level for rated power at rated temperature : 1900m

Operator Panel 

Display Type : 40x4 LCD panel with membrane keypad displaying the following:

• Grid/Generator and inverter per phase kW, KVA, voltage, frequency.
• Grid/Generator and inverter on line status.
• Battery voltage, battery current, battery temperature.
• PV current, power and voltage.
• Heat-sink and cabinet temperature.
• Generator fuel level, Solar radiation.
• Inverter, Generator load kWh summation, Generator run hours.
• System settings, event logs.

Please note that stock availability is subject to prior sales. Prices exclude delivery.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Disclaimer Please note that stock availability is subject to prior sales. Prices exclude delivery. The image serves as an example of what the product looks like and may differ slightly in appearance.
Guarantee/ Warranty No
Inverter Wattage 18000W


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