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Load Shedding Home Solutions

Load Shedding

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It goes without saying that load shedding is immensely inconvenient. From cold dinners to dead cell phone batteries, and being disconnected from the internet, to getting dressed in the dark, functioning without electricity for any period of time is enough to significantly alter the course of a day.

Thankfully, various simple, cost-effective, load shedding solutions now exist for those who would like to take the edge off their load shedding related frustrations for the foreseeable future.

Need a quick fix?

We offer a variety of load shedding solutions, catering for a wide range of requirements. These include both general load shedding solutions providing power to your home as a whole, as well as, smaller, simplified solutions designed to tackle your specific needs. 



Take back the power, and take a look at our reliable load shedding solutions… 

KIT 1: The Ecoboxx 600 (R11,999.00 Incl. VAT)

This portable solar powered kit serves as an ideal home entertainment/ office back-up power system. Can power:

  • A TV for 2 hours
  • OR A modem and laptop simultaneously
  • OR charge a cell phone and tablet simultaneously 
EcoBoxx 600

KIT 2: The 1kwp Battery Inverter with 1.2kwh Battery Reserve (R12,235.01 Incl. VAT)

This kit serves as an ideal home/ office back-up power system. Can power:

  • Flat screen TV and entertainment system
  • OR a small office including 2 laptops and printer
  • OR a bar fridge and 10 LED lights   
1Kwp Battery Inverter with 1.2kwp reserve

KIT 3:  The Solar Power Kit Ten (R35,162.19 Incl. VAT)

This kit serves as an ideal solar power system for smaller homes. Powers:

  • 6 x 5W lights for 5 hours or 2 x 15W CFL
  • A 10W charger for 5 hours
  • A 300W TV for 3 hours
  •  A 10W DVD player for 3 hours
  • A 150W PC for 2 hours
  •  A 100W 90L Bar fridge for 10 hours

The Solar Power Kit 10

KIT 4: The 5kw Peak System with 24kwh Battery Reserve & 6kwp Solar Array (R205,111.99 Incl. VAT)

This kit serves as an ideal solar power system for medium sized homes. Powers:

  • The majority of regular household appliances in a medium sized house simultaneously. 
Peak System with 24kwh Battery Reserve and Solar Array

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