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  1. Duratherm : Solartherm Direct 100L 400kpa-S100D : Solar Geysers

    Duratherm : Solartherm Direct 100L 400kpa-S100D : Solar Geysers


    Excl. Tax: R5,453.51 Incl. Tax: R6,217.00
  2. Sun Jar : Pink Solar Lamp : Solar Lights

    Sun Jar : Pink Solar Lamp : Solar Lights


    Excl. Tax: R162.28 Incl. Tax: R185.00

Solar Lights

Solar Lights

Solar lights are one of the easiest ways to pep up a garden, provide added security for your home and save on outdoor or indoor lighting costs in and around the house. carries a range of solar home lighting kits that are unique in design and performance and have been designed specifically for African conditions. Check out our range of Solar lights below and do not hesitate to Contact Us should you have any questions.    Read more below...

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How many Solar Lights?

Our range of outdoor solar lights include high efficiency floodlights for security around homes and business premises and solar powered motion sensors for driveways and sheds, as well as stainless steel garden lights for paths and walkways, courtyard lighting and solar powered lights for signs and advertising boards. We even have solar powered flash lights.

Many people use outdoor lights as part of their landscaping design, solar powered lights are ideal for such decorative purposes as they not only provide outstanding illumination, they are also energy efficient, long lasting and economical to run. It’s also possible to take their decorative purpose one step further and use solar powered fairy lights during the Christmas holidays to provide that extra touch of magic outdoors. As solar power is renewable and inexpensive, you can keep your Christmas fairy lights shining day and night over the festive period.

Which Solar Lights?

Whether you choose to use solar lights for decorative purposes in your garden or around Xmas, or prefer to reserve your solar lighting for outdoor security Sustainable has the lighting options for you, including solar lanterns and wall mounted floodlights and spotlights.

We invite all customers to write reviews of the products that they have bought. Feel free to read these reviews to help you choose the best solar lights for you.

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